Structural Engineer's Association of Kansas & Missouri



Founded: 2006

Member Organization of NCSEA


The vision of our organization is to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public with respect to the design, analysis, construction and inspection of structures. The mission of our organization is to improve the practice of structural engineering. SEAKM aims to achieve these goals by:

Serving as the collective voice for structural engineers in Kansas and Missouri. Encouraging structural engineers to pursue excellence, to uphold the dignity, honor and integrity of this worthy profession.

Advancing the technical competence of structural engineers through seminars, meetings and other programs.

Aiding structural engineers in the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to employ successful professional, business and administrative practices.

Establishing and maintaining a network of structural engineers to exchange and disseminate information of common interest.
Aiding in the adequate educational preparation of students in Kansas and Missouri who intend on becoming practicing structural engineers upon graduation.

Advocation appropriate legislation and regulations that will positively affect structural engineers in Kansas and Missouri.

Collectively SEAKM, in conjunction with our national parent organization NCSEA, has a greater ability to influence the development of codes, the adoption of public policies, requirements for continuing education, and many other issues important to our profession.Currently SEAKM is a voting member and one of the seven largest member organizations of NCSEA in the United States. In addition to the regularly held local chapter meetings and seminars, the active work of SEAKM in pursuit of the larger goals of the organization occurs within the individual committees at the local chapter, state and national levels. We encourage your participation in these committees

Together we are making a big difference. For example, already in our short existence have been invited to participate in the code development and adoption process at local, state and national levels, development of local and state public policy and regulations for professional practice, and the curriculum development at the university level. Come join us!