Structural Engineer's Association of Kansas & Missouri

SEAKM maintains several state-wide level committees to better serve the organization. SEAKM's committees are the lifeblood of the organization. Most of SEAKM's accomplishments occur at the committee level.  

Each committee is listed below along with a description of each, the chairperson, and a contact method for that chairperson. SEAKM members are encouraged to participate in both these statewide committees, and their parent national level NCSEA committees. Please join us and help shape the future of our profession!

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  • Missouri Structural Licensing Committee

  • Member Services

Member Services is the backbone of the SEAKM organization. Member Services processes all membership, is responsible for recruitment and retention of members, dissemination of information to the general membership and committees including all mailings and emails, and other general administrative needs.

  •  Professional Practice

The Professional Practice Committee tackles issues related to professional practice regulations and statues, business practice, licensing laws and other legislation. Currently this committee is addressing issues related to the adoption of a statewide building code in Missouri as well as generating regulations and suggested practices related to the delegation of engineering responsibility. The committee is also beginning the process of reviewing a variety of proposals concerning either a distinctive and/or separate licensure of structural engineers (S. E.'s) as well as how the different "practice" or "title" acts have been adopted and used by other states.

  • Programs

The Programs committee is responsible for planning special events such as the annual conference, and publication of the proceedings resulting from such conferences. 

  • Public Relations

The Public Relations committee is responsible for generating general media information and promotion of the profession. This includes maintaining the website, publication of the newsletters, publication of the annual awards program for distinguished individuals and outstanding projects, press releases, promotion of the profession at the high school and secondary education levels, and all other general public relations information and media contact.

  • University Relations

The University Relations committee is responsible for providing support to the SEAKM student groups at the universities in Kansas & Missouri. SEAKM provides not only financial support to the student groups, but also provides contacts and a network of the students in the form of providing professionals as speakers to the student groups, professors for a day, and in the near future will be developing a program to aid in the hiring of students for summer employment and similar part-time employment while in college. Currently, there are three active student groups in existence at Kansas State University, the University of Missouri - Columbia, and the University of Missouri - Kansas City. In addition, student groups are currently forming at the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri - Rolla.

  • Young Members Group

This YMG committee is responsible for coordinating the continued growth of our younger members within the organization and the profession itself.  This committee will organize events to both enrich younger members development within the field of structural engineering and the the organization as a whole.

  • Publications Committee

This committee will assist the Executive Director in procuring materials for the quarterly newsletter and social media postings.